About us

Strong M&C Inc. was founded in 2003. After years of efforts, it has earned the reputation as a leading manufacturer which specializes in designing and manufacturing various Pressure Gauge, Manometer, Thermometer and other analog meters. As a well-established manufacturer and exporter, we lay special attention to our manufacturing process and delivery of products. Quality is paramount to us and we adhere to the international norms of quality. We are known across the globe for our premium quality on the products we offer.

For many years, Strong M&C Inc. has covered a wide range of technologies and industries and had excellent experience of provide solutions at all stages of product development. You can find our products in various fields of the industries like petrochemical, oil and refineries, metallurgical, wastewater treatment facilities, medical applications, power plants, food processing plants, chemical manufacturing plants and supporting companies that serve these industries.

Strong M&C Inc. is committed to achieve the highest standards in engineering excellence by introducing and marketing superior quality products with international manufacturing standards. Our whole manufacturing process is aimed at achieving full satisfaction from the users end. The in-depth knowledge in the field ensures us of offering our clients with a customized range of products, which offers them complete customer satisfaction. We are dedicated to improve and upgrade the quality of our products by adopting latest quality management techniques that assure reliability and productivity of our products. We have adopted quality policies, maintain close relations with our clients to provide more satisfactory products and services. We achieve high customer satisfaction through reliability, quick reaction times and quality. To ensure our company’s success, we are working continuously at improving the knowledge, skills and motivation of our employees.